You won’t hear this amongst the debt ceiling debate between the GOP or the Demos

By: Joshua Gamen


The rules of money changed in ’71. Since then, the world has not run on money, but rather on debt. Also since ’71, the only way the economy grows is when more debt is created, which is why the debt ceiling WILL get raised. The problem is not the budget, the problem is the system. This is why the Federal Reserve wins either way, Obama or Palin, it doesnt make a difference to the Fed. Either way, the system of debt is preserved. Democrats call for a bigger government to help solve the problem at the expense of the tax payers, while Republicans call for the government to live below their means by limiting the spending. I personally believe that the Federal Reserve LOVES the rivalry between democrats and republicans, it keeps them bickering with each other while they(the Fed) keeps the real control of the country…


By joshuagamen Posted in MONEY

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