Second Half of NBA Season starting with a BANG!!!


Joshua Gamen:

Thank God for NBA TV cuz they threw OT on LIVE of LA in Portland tonight here in Phoenix, AZ. Kobe is REDICULOUS! I am truly a Laker Hater these years and a huge Boston Celtics fan(RIVALRY), BUT, he’s Kobe Bryant.. And that play he called for himself to seal it coming around the whole half court, off 2 picks for a cur and then short jumper where he didn’t shoot, but “placed” it was, well, just Kobe bein’ Kobe..Which is really fun to watch…

Bad outcome tonight in Portland.  I do love my hometown announcers tho, they crack me up.

Who’s got Heat tmrw who’s got CHI town? I’m goin with the Heat, how don’t you? Chicago is solid, but they are the #3 team for sure in the East. And comin’ right off of the All-Star break and now into the “stretch”(I hate how they call it the 2nd half of the season btw, there’s 26 games left of an 82 game season.. At least it was 82 last I checked, but it sure IS NOT 52…) Do you like how I used it as my title anyways?

Are there other fans out there that want to buy some Nicks gear now? NY got  STAT and Melo, WOW! When you put them on paper, still don’t beat Miami or Boston, but that’s what they play for. And when you have a guy like Melo  on the wing and a guy like Amare down low, with Chauny runnin the floor, it could get dirrty. That coach of theirs knows a thing or two also..

LA just doesn’t seem to me the team they have been the last 2 years. BUT, it’s still early when you put into perspective that it all comes down to a few 7 game series’, and they are the 2 time NBA Champs with (still) the best player in the game.

I still like my Celtics for the Championship. They took it 3 years ago over LA in the Finals, 2 seasons ago they got DEEP without their superstar Kevin Garnett, and last season were seconds away from the title again(if only it weren’t for that Black Mamba Kobe Bryant!!!)

Weird how the teams change and come back as you get older..



My Power Rankings 2 nights into the “Strech”

1. Boston Celtics – Rondo runs the offense like a vet, Ray Ray is literally the best shooter of all time, KG is the definition of a leader, and Paul Pierce is your man.

2. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe.

3. Miami Heat – Lebron,  D Wade, and Bosh are still just getting warmed up..

4. San Antonio Spurs – I hate em but they got the top records and they got mad experience, plus these guys have been playin together for years now.

5. Chicago Bulls – These guys are so good and are I don’t hear enought about them yet. They play amazing defense and crash the boards. Rose is legit and Noah gets it done, even tho I can’t stand him, or BOOzer for that matter..

6. New York Knicks – STAT AND MELO(and Chauncy Billups0 These guys will be moving up the list in the future.

7. Dallas Mavericks – Dirk still gets it done, gahh i love that guy. They’re playing great, just not getting as much love as they might be if they were playin in the East..

8. OKC – (I love that btw). Durant has led the NBA in scoring the last 2 years and this guy is going to be among the greatest to ever play some day.

9. Orlando Magic – these guys peaked. Dwight Howard is awesome, but he needs a Melo..

10. Alanta Hawks – They’re strong and they’re in the East. But They won’t go far in the East..

Honorable mention: Phoenix Suns





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