GOP is in control over the debt ceiling drama as Obama feels the pressure

There is no reason for the Republicans to get on Obama’s plan. Either way the debt ceiling will be raised, and either way, the dollar is toast. The debt is rising so fast that it doesn’t matter what cuts we make. The reality is we are already bankrupt. Devaluing our debt by printing more money(or having the issuer of the debt buy it back, as is the case with QE) proves that. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but I am definately not an Obama supporter. If the Republicans fold now they will give Obama a great shot at re-election in 2012, if they let this thing play out and don’t give in, people won’t remember Boehner, they’ll only remember how it all happened under Obama. The Republicans have all the pressure on Obama and he is trying to play to gain the public’s support(like he always does), but if you watch his actions instead of his words, it’s the same thing over and over..bigger goverenment, more debt, higher taxes, and an inflated dollar.


2 comments on “GOP is in control over the debt ceiling drama as Obama feels the pressure

  1. SO TRUE! I completely agree with you Josh. That’s why the GOP shouldn’t give into the Dems and let them waste all of our taxpayers dollars! That’s also so true if the GOP folds now then Obama will have an awesome shot in 2012… I don’t like that idea… AT ALL!!

    Also Josh, I have been reading your blog lately… really like what you write, your site is on my bookmarks and my site and I have been looking for a guest blogger recently. I have been very interested in asking you to partake in my blog. So hit me up if you’re interested! My EMail is My site is

    Lucas Davis

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