Being an entrepreneur means having a certain mindset. A mindset that is strong and can navigate you through the process of going from an employee(someone who works for someone else), to becoming self employed(someone who owns a job), to becoming a business owner.

  • Are you looking to start a business? I have a passion for sales and business development. With over $15 million in sales, I know the difference between wanting and doing. I would love to talk to you about your ideas.

Encouragement For Entrepreneurs:

The night I started blogging:


3 comments on “Entrepreneur

  1. I was reading a story on CNN Money this morning about QE2. When I went to read some of the comments I noticed a link to the Fed video. After watching the Fed video on youtube I saw another link to this blog. I must say, not too shabby my friend. I am glad to see people I know giving a shit about what’s going on in the world!!!


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