DISC Behavior Profiling

Once you have identified your hiring needs, and have recruited a selection of candidates, you are going to want to administer a DISC screening to them.

A DISC test is going to determine the DISC type and personality profile quickly of each of your candidates. With the DISC test, you can find out DISC factors, such as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, which will help you predict their behavior towards others and the everyday things they do.

In the detailed DISC report you will find a graph which shows you their DISC type, a clear and direct characterization of their personality profile and detailed explanations of all of their DISC factors.

I do not pay anything to use the DISC testing service, because I use this free site.

Here is the video that I email out to my candidates so that I don’t have to do anything except for wait for their testing results to come in.

At first the DISC screening might seem overwhelming. With practice it will get easier, and your understanding of behavior styles will prove exponential value and profits to you as a leader, entrepreneur, and business owner. and again, if you want help with this, just reach out to me.


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