Real Estate

My name is Joshua Gayman and I am a REALTOR® with a track record of success. Whether selling real estate, looking for property for sale in Oregon or Arizona, wanting to find a good real estate investment, or “just looking,” I am your man.

Do you have property you want to sell in Oregon or Arizona? No one markets your property more extensively than we do. Maximum exposure results in maximum price. Let us be your Arizona or Oregon MLS REALTOR®, handling all the details of your home sale.

If you are interested in selling your home or if you would like more information about investing in cash-flowing real estate assets in Arizona, please go to my website and fill out your information, and someone from my team will contact you.


4 comments on “Real Estate

  1. I would like more information about investing in cash-flowing real estate assets in Arizona. I am a Norwegian and live in Norway. I would like to know how to do it. Can it be safely done from Norway or do I have to spend several weeks over there?

    • Harald,

      I would be happy to discuss your options and strategy for investing in cash-flowing Arizona real estate assets. It can absolutely be done safely and with minimal(or no) risk. I do not consult in “flips,” only cash-flow. You could do all of your investing from your computer and cell phone in Norway, you would only need to come to Arizona if you desired. You can go to this website above and fill in your contact information and I will contact you. We won’t share it with anyone.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have been reading your & Robert’S blog for quite some time. I am from India. I wish to invest in Real estate in India for cashflow but here for a small two bed room apartment the cost is Rs 15,00,000/- & the annual rent is Rs60000/- whereas the loan cost is at least 10% . So the rent is not sufficient to cover the EMI.Instead if we deposit the same money in Bank, the bank is offering 9% interest. Do you think it is different in India & it is better to park our money in Bank despite 6% inflation?

    a word of advice will really encourage me further.

    Thanks & regards


    • Vinayak,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I try to bring good information to the market for the people that are into the same things as me. I am a little confused on the numbers that you described, but I can make clear sense of negative cash flow, and it stinks! Maybe there is a way to negotiate some parts of the deal to make it cash flow? I don’t think parking your money in the bank is what I would do. Depending on your personal situation, there could be many answers given. Make sure you keep growing your financial IQ through education like you are doing. Invest first in your self and then in other people. If you are not sure where you can put your money right now for it to make more money for you, then you might consider holding it as silver as opposed to your currency.

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