QE3 Explained

QE3 Explained.


Silver down as Dollar is propped up by Euro problems, but QE coming

News from the BRIC nations this week. News from the Federal Reserve… QE…..Spain…When will the madness end? Dollar again propped up in short term by Euro problems, but fundamentals point to a coming implosion of silver and gold prices. Bernanke breaks bread this week with Wall Street Bankers.

Gold and Silver Rise Following President Obama’s State of the Union Speech?

No…I am pretty sure it was because of the Fed’s news to hold interest rates at all time lows through (at least) 2014.


QE3 Explained

Here comes QE3 – Dow Drops 500 points in biggest loss since that week we all remember in 2008


By: Joshua Gayman

Dow dropped 500 points yesterday. Gold is soaring and has been as high as $1,680 this week. Unemployment is still terrible, gdp is negative to our debt obligations, foreclosures everywhere. Inflation because we’ve added so much money to the global money system in the past 3 years. And now more of the same thing says the Federal Reserve and Congress!!! Brace yourselves for QE3 (or whatever they decide to call it this time). Either way, there’s more money coming into circulation in a system where the rich get their hands on it first, and the cost of life is going up. TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR CURRENCY FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE!
Whether it is next week, next month, or next year,QE3 is coming..
From CNN this morning: “Amid the bond buying is speculation that the Federal Reserve, at its policy-making meeting next Tuesday, may initiate a policy of purchasing long-term Treasury securities to inject cash into the financial system and drive long-term interest rates even lower.”