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REAL – America is the best nation in the world! But we cannot lose it to the ultra rich and elite.

By: Joshua Gayman


We can get back to the lifestyle we all want. But it will take REAL revolutionary change, and their will be massive sacrifice. But which is worse? To live as a slave or die as a free man? We have a compromise on our hands amongst freedom and slavery. We are all slaves to money. Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. We are living in a state of distressing negative sensation that continues to get worse each day as we work harder and longer while our quality of life diminishes. Every day that we compromise our time and labor for less and less is a day we must fight to get back.

Money is a man-made commodity – thus, we can easily wipe out our national debt by ending the dollar now. We must reclaim our own government so that to serve us. This would require a new federal government. we then need a new currency, banking system, and education system.

Do you want a good future and freedom for your children? If yes, then you must not be lazy. Too many people are choosing to labor for 10 hours per day rather than stop for 10 minutes and realize the full potential of their brain.

The global banking system has not only been the path to greater wealth for, but has at the same time been the vehicle through which the ultra rich have controlled and managed the enormous resources of our planet, and continue to do so. These resources are not limited to commodities. They include humans.

The rich love bubbles and they love depressions. When the rich desire for more man-made things, they allow more money to flow through the world. When they need to cash in on their *Dear Money, they simply constrict the money supply as to collect on all of the resources(collateral) that they “lent” to the people using their made up currency. At this time unemployment is no problem for the rich, but rather they find it to their benefit. The more unemployment, the more relief. The more relief, the more bonds. The more bonds, the more taxes. The more taxes, the more interest coupons they are able to clip on their bonds.” This means that the government becomes in more debt to them. When the government is in debt to them, WE are in debt to them. The government does not pay taxes, they are actually funded from taxes. Only WE pay taxes.

An international banker said in a letter to his son in 1932 in regards to control over man via money, “If young men like those in charge of our national finances can carry over the program as now laid out, we have the foundation of a great international hegemony of finance. The power given to the board to remove officers and directors anywhere in the country is a bold and masterful stroke of legislation. Of course, while these things will be done under the pretense of preventing bank failures, they will in fact, galvanize the central banking power down to the smallest village. Credit can then be so controlled that political uprising will be impossible and credit extension can be used strictly to hold class distinction tightly within bounds.… This is not so difficult as you might at first hand suppose. To properly do so, it is only necessary to control the letters which, on our modern times, simply means to control the press.”

How can you serve two masters – your Creator and your Government? The answer is that you cannot server two masters, therefore the Government had to create a system that tricks you into thinking you must serve them, where in fact, Governments must serve us, the people

Gold Value from 1935 to 2011

Here is a graph of gold from 1935 to 2011 me discussing the trend it shows and why it is doing what it is doing.

Print Your Own Money

By: Joshua Gamen

Knowledge is the new coin. Since 1971, the dollar is debt. This happened when President Nixon took the US Dollar off of the gold standard(without the persmission of Congress). See, money as we know it today is not constant, but rather it is a derivative of the faith in that which is perceived as the money. Let me explain…

The Dollar is not real money. What gives value to the dollar is not that it is backed by the full faith of the US government, it is that people have faith that it is backed by the full faith of the US Government. The problem with this is, as many of us already know, the government is broke. The United States government literally runs like a household who has maxed all of its credit cards and refinanced their house to a mortgage greater than it’s value. The difference between the US government and a household who might do that, is that if a household did that, they would lose their house and no longer be able to borrow money to live. The US government, however, has the Federal Reserve, who depends on the government to stay afloat, so that they can continue to indebt the people of the United States and world, which count on the government.

There are too few people who realize the true root of our economic problem. The problem is our money. The thing that we work so hard for and try so hard to hang on to, is actually our biggest problem! The ultra rich who control the money supply want us to need more and more of their toxic money, as that is the only thing that gives it value! The more of the money we need, the more they print. The more money we need, the weaker we become, and the more we are headed towards socialism, where we fully depend on our government to provide everything for us.

The Federal Reserve does not provide anything of tangible value, they simply create money out of thin air which they then lend to the government and other banks, who in turn lend the money to people, in exchange for a debt in which they will never in their lifetime be able to pay off. Hence the name of the game, DEBT. The Federal Reserve has no reserves because they don’t have any real money. Why would they need to store money when the rules of the board game Monopoly apply to them in real life?(The bank never goes broke. Which is a real rule btw..)

“The Federal Reserve Bank is not a bank. That idea is as illusionary as our money.” -Robert Kiyosaki(Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

My point on this topic tonight, however, is not that the Federal Reserve is a hoax(Although it is), but that money in our modern day is based off of ideas. If you have something that others will believe in, you have created value.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg has no idea what he was creating when he started Facebook. As pointed out in the movie “The Social Network,” Mark’s goal was not to make money by selling ad space online, it was to create something in which EVERYONE would think was cool. Facebook was born. Now there are millions of Facebook users across the globe, and Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest BILLIONAIRE in the world. Mark printed his own money, billions and billions of dollars of it, by taking an idea and creating something others wanted.

The good news is, you can financially educate yourself, and use your own ideas and/or debt to legally print your own money. Let me give you a real life example. Since I have not asked the parties for their permission to publish their names on the internet, I will use simple made-up names..


Jonny finds a 3 bedroom house for sale at $60,000 in Phoenix, Arizona. He gets a mortgage(debt) for $55,000 to purchase the property, and promises the private lender he will give them a down payment of $5,000 within 90 days. Jonny puts up the house for sale and markets it by saying, “Buy with no bank!”

Jonny then finds Bobby and Sue, who make good income but have damaged credit due to the recent foreclosure on their credit report(They simply could not make the payment anymore on their old house after their neighbors were paying 1/3 of the monthly bill to rent the house next door). Bobby and Sue need a house, because they have 3 large dogs and cannot stand the thought of keeping them in an apartment. So they give Jonny the $10,000 they had saved up while not paying their mortgage for 6 months, and receive the option to purchase the house at any time they want over the next 5 years for $70,000. Their monthly rent is $900, which is half the price they were paying in the house they got foreclosed on.

Bobby and Sue are very happy. They now have a house again in which they can call their home, and put their creativity and personality into it while keeping the equity for themselves. For them, all of the money and work that they put into the house increases their standard of living, but not at the expense of throwing the equity away, as was the case if they did anything more than sweep the floor at their old house.

But Jonny is the one who really makes out on this deal. Jonny did not save his paychecks to get the $60,000 to buy the house, he simply took out a private loan himself, requiring a down payment of only $5,000, which he had 90 days to come up with. His monthly payment on the private mortgage was only $600, even at 12% interest.

Jonny got $10,000 in his pocket before he ever paid out $5,000. So not only did he have someone else pay for his down payment, but he is also putting an instant $5,000 in his pocket on top of it, and another $300 into his pocket each month that he has the property. If Bobby and Sue buy the property, Jonny simply pays off his $55,000 loan and realizes another quick $5,000.(He owes $55,000, but Bobby and Sue owe him another $60,000 to buy off the house legally, in addition to the $10,000 they already gave him). If Bobby and Sue decide to move, Jonny can put the house right back on the market and do the same deal again for someone else. The down payment he received from Bobby and Sue will more than cover any short term vacancy.

Jonny has legally printed his own money, and will continue to print his own money every month that he has someone pay rent to him to live there. He has made money from nothing. He took on new debt, and created an idea in which was worth a greater debt to someone else. Rather than use that debt to weigh him down, he uses that debt to work for him. Some day the house will be paid off. This is really an infinite return.


There are many more examples that could be given, but the point is that money is an idea. Knowledge is the new money.

It doesn’t matter if the economy sees inflation(cost of goods and services going up) or deflation(costs of goods and services going down), the name of the game is debt. Debt is what the ultra-rich are after.

If you want to have more money, your knowledge of money needs to include learning to use debt to create cash flow, then manage that cash flow. Whether you do that with real estate, businesses, the stock market, the internet, or whatever your idea may be.

The Recession is Over: BS! – Take II

By: Joshua Gamen

I am downright ticked off when I hear politicians say that the recession is over and that we are in a recovery. I understand what they are trying to do(gain votes), but it disturbs me when politicians play off of the naive, hard working Americans. I don’t like it when business people do it either. It seems every other commercial I see on TV now days is from an insurance or “investment” company, begging people to give them their money so that they can have a “bright future,” or “safe retirement.” Hear this: there is no shortcut. If it were so easy that you could just hand your money to someone until you retire and have them pay your retirement for you, the government would do that. Or wait, isn’t that what social security is? Then again, social security and medicare are estimated to be a $50-$60 TRILLION dollar time bomb! We will start to see in the near future that there is no money in these funds, as the massive demographic of baby boomers begins to try to retire. No, it’s just not that easy. If you want a brighter future and a cozy retirement, you need to be financially literate – understand how money works. A good first step would be to take notice that financial “advisers” are actually in fact, financial salespeople! And politicians will play off of whatever emotions they need to so that they can gain your vote, and along with it, power – for themselves and the ultra-rich of whom they represent.

The recession is not over. First of all, it’s a depression, the government just quit using the term after the the “Great Depression.” Unemployment is still soaring, the government manipulates the numbers and does not count the people that they don’t want to count, to manipulate the statistics so that they can brag about recovery to gain votes. US trade is not increasing either, and the world is moving away from the dollar. Countries are not buying US debt anymore. Housing prices are not seeing any stabilization, people still can’t get a mortgage and the number of foreclosures is still growing. I have yet to see one stat on CNN that suggests housing is rebounding that makes any sense to me, and I work in real estate every hour of every day! The only thing I hear that is up these days is luxury luggage, which is a clear indication of the only people profiting from these economic times are the rich. The middle class is being wiped out right now and it is time for that demographic to get their minds right and take action! Individually, the best thing you can do is get yourself educated. In this global economy where our dollar is drowning(which happens to be the reserve currency of the world), knowledge is the new currency.

Last month I wrote the post “BS: The recession is over.” – This month I would like to elaborate on some of the details.

When you look at the size of our deficit, the size of our debt, China getting out of dollars, Russia moving out of dollars, rich oil-producing countries moving out of the dollar, less global confidence in the dollar, China hoarding gold, it becomes obvious that these are trends that clearly show that we are a bigger credit risk than we have ever been. Our debt is absolutely out of control. Soon we will have debt that is 100% of our Gross Domestic Product. This means that our nation’s debt will be the same as the value of the goods and services that our whole nation produces in a year. These trends will effect our national security, our standing in the world, our quality of life, etc. We are headed towards financial instability. If we keep this up, the dollar will soon be removed from the world’s reserve currency. What’s more scary is I don’t see anything coming that is going to fix these problems.

Look at Obama’s budget, TRILLION dollar deficits FOREVER! Now I realize that some people do have faith in the dollar, but long term, when you look at countries like China, Japan and Russia moving out of the dollar, you have to see that the world is losing confidence in the US and in the dollar. We desperately need China and everyone else to buy our bonds. We operate on debt, if we can’t get people to buy our debt, we can’t operate! Our living standards are headed down and if we don’t do something soon, our living standards will never be the same.

Inevitably, I do believe we are going to see some changes in the near future. All you have to do is look at Obama’s popularity rating. What historically has created change has been president’s before them creating disasters. If you look at what created Ronald Reagen, what created Bill Clinton, even what created Obama, it is the President’s before them creating disasters to open up the minds of the people to vote in changes. Look at George Bush, he was an absolute disaster, so along came Obama. We got what we wanted, a bigger disaster! While American people will get bored with the details, they will demand change!

The change is going to have to be very different to create a successful shift. They are going to have to be committed to cutting our costs and shrinking the cost and size of the government. To shine some light on the disaster that is currently in the White House, we are trying to add a new entitlement(a guarantee of access to benefits based on established rights or by legislation) to healthcare. Are you freaking kidding me!!!??? If you are for this, I am sorry, but financially speaking you must be absolutely crazy! We can’t pay for any of the entitlements we already have! We can’t pay for medicare, we can’t pay for medicaid, social security is BROKE, literally. The freaking post office is broke! Everything is bankrupt, and we are adding a new entitlement???!!! Harry Reid(Senate Majority Leader) and  Nancy Pelosi(Speaker of the House of Representatives) are actually trying to get us to believe that we are going to cut the deficit doing this! CRAZY BS!

The American people need to demand an administration that is going to balls up and shrink the size and cost of government, shrink the debt, and shrink the deficit. Make no mistake, we are going to have huge pain in doing this. But I do believe the American people will pay the price if they understand the logic of what is needed. Nobody understands the logic of what is going on right now. I don’t claim to either. None of this makes any sense. The guys who created this mess are in Washington making speeches of what we need to do, that’s freaking BS!


Crush it! Passion comes before sales!

By: Joshua Gamen

I saw the movie “The Social Network” this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it. It is an interesting story and a very well done feature about the story of the creation of Facebook. In watching the movie, the business principal that stood out to me most was that

it’s not about monetizing, it’s about having the best product, then money follows, as was seen with Mark Mark Zuckerberg, the main character and creator of Facebook becoming the youngest self made billionaire ever.

Of the many flaws that have stemmed as a result of our fiat currency system(fiat currency = currency that is not backed by anything of tangible value) as well as our fractional reserve banking system, we have a common factor in our economy of businesses putting sales in front of the product they are contributing. When the Fed pumps monopoly money into the economy, people naturally lose focus on real value, and instead strive to attain as much currency as possible, which they use to then obtain objects of value. The extra step of attaining the currency has created out modern day sales process, and along the way it has given the ultra-rich a vehicle to drive off with our stolen wealth.

I’m not against the idea of money. I believe it is critical for the economy to have a common item to keep trade fluid. My point tho, is that with an over-supply of currency, the focus shifts from creating things of value, to attaining as much currency as possible. The result is less REAL gross domestic product. This doesn’t do anyone any good except for the people trying to gain power.

The beauty of this depression that we are in(technically referred to as a recession – technically referred to as over…) is that with the money supply constricting, it has allowed people to let the smoke clear and start seeing what is real again. When your money is limited, you cannot help but begin to see more clearly what you really want and need. This depression, along with the power of the internet and modern technology, has created a shift from focus on sales to focus on value. It is now more important than ever to be contributing a good product or service. With less currency chasing the same amount of goods and services, the cream is rising up and it is leaving behind the crap! This brings up another great point, “It is never a bad time to start a business unless you’re starting a mediocre(or bad) business.” – (Quote from Gary Vaynerchuk.)

In a boom economy, you can attain currency(sell) on just about and idea or business, as long as you have a strong focus on sales and a good hustle. In a down economy, you CAN thrive, but it is imperative that you are contributing something that gives real value to your consumers.

There are 2 more points I am trying to make with this writing:

1. People – EVERYONE – needs to start thinking of themselves as a business. While I strongly recommend working with people, I strongly oppose working for people.

2. Everyone needs to cash in on their passion! Learn how to live out your passion, and you will have all the money you need, plus control of your own time and destiny. Remember this, skills are cheap, but passion is priceless. Don’t get stressed out thinking about how you will sell, or “monetize” your ideas. Focus on what you are passionate about, then teach, and the people will come to consume what you are providing. People do not want to be sold anymore anyways, they want to be educated. Everyone is disgustingly tired of being “sold” to.

Pick your passion, do it for yourself, and focus on the quality you are delivering as a contribution to your passion. Worthless activities will diminish as a result of doing this, which will increase your purpose, followed by increasing your happiness.

Competition Towards Disaster

By Joshua Gamen

An article in the Wall Street Journal this last week titled “Fed Officials Mull Inflation as a Fix,” talks about the Fed reversing over 3 decades worth of monetary policy to fix this fragile economy and contribute to a recovery that is not happening like they had hoped for.

*(Monetary Policy is simply the regulation of the money supply and interest rates to control inflation and stabilize interest rates.)

The Fed is hoping that by lifting inflation, they will push “real” interest rates(nominal rates minus inflation) down. This would encourage consumers and businesses to save less and spend or invest more.


Robert Kiyosaki claims that savers are losers, and what is going on strongly supports his stand on the issue. It is absolutely insane to think that you can get ahead by simply saving dollars when the Fed is willing to speed up the printing presses to get more dollars into circulation, purposefully causing more inflation. As many know, President Nixon took the US off of the gold standard in 1971, severing the tie of our dollar to the gold standard. So for over 3 decades, the Fed has tried to keep inflation low. More dollars in circulation means the value per dollar in the existing supply goes down.

The point that the Fed is even considering inflation as an economic fix shows that they have given up on the dollar. And the world is catching on.(See value of precious metals vs value of US dollar.)

Last week, the dollar dropped to a 15-year low against the Yen. Investors on Wall Street are betting on the Yen, believing that the Fed will sacrifice our dollar to help economic growth.(Shown by a 72% increase on pro-yen votes.)


By weakening our dollar through inflation, US exports would become cheaper, creating export-lead growth. The dilemma with this is that EVERY nation is looking for export-lead growth, and they too, are willing to sacrifice their currencies to make it happen. China is keeping theirs artificially depressed to try and stay ahead in export wars. Thus, the US is trying to get China to let their currency appreciate, and trying to get the IMF(International Monetary Fund) to rally behind them on this. This competition is causing a race by the currencies towards disaster.


My point is that the dollar is EXTREMELY dangerous now. All I hear is people talking about ways to cut back to save more. This is touted as a “responsible” economic strategy. The known financial voices are cheering that the people are being “wise with their money again.”(How’s that working out for anyone?…. :\ ..

I am saying this – Saving dollars is not smart. Financially, it’s actually quite ignorant. If you think saving dollars is a good idea, you are ignoring the fact that the Fed is doing everything they can to make the dollar weaker – by raising inflation in hopes of stimulating growth to the economy, and push us all into more debt.

(I know I am getting to get a lot of arguments on this here, so do your research and verify with facts what I am saying.)


Debt is money’s reality these days. Our economy only grows now if you and I are spending more, and more, and more. It is actually the interest on our loans that the ultra-rich are now after. (They already have everything else from us.)

Debt can, however, be good OR bad.  Good debt puts money in your pocket, bad debt is money that takes more money out of your pocket. (IE: Going into debt using leverage to buy an asset like rental property which puts money in your pocket after paying the mortgage, taxes, management, and maintenance is good debt. The tenant pays the debt down, and you get the asset, plus a little(or a lot) of spending money each month. Plus, you get the appreciation(If there is any). Bad debt would be taking out a credit card to take a vacation. This only takes money out of your pocket, and for a long time.(Thanks to interest payments.)


There is always a good perspective that can be sought out. With all of this stuff going on, there is an abundance of opportunity. With all of the depreciation that is going on, there is a huge opportunity to acquire assets(something that puts money in your pocket) at rock bottom prices. This won’t last forever. The Fed will find a way to create inflation(sounds like they’re already working on this). When inflation hits(and it’s inevitable), savers will become losers and debtors will win.

BS: “The Recession is Over.”

By Joshua Gamen

Sure. I recall a lot of hype last summer that the real estate market had hit bottom too.. Try telling that it has hit bottom to the millions of Americans who have lost their home to foreclosure this year. Or to their neighbors, who continue to throw their money at their sinking ship home while the foreclosures around them sink it’s value, and any hope for a return in their lifetime.

Who is the recession over for? The millions of unemployed people? The business owners who don’t have any customers? The guy trying to sell his home? The elderly lady trying to retire? The young adult trying to start his business? TELL ME, WHO IS THE FREAKING RECESSION OVER FOR?!

Let’s look at housing numbers:

  • Almost $6 trillion in housing wealth has been lost since 2005
  • Home values have dropped 30 percent
  • Existing home sales dropped 27 percent over the previous month
  • Housing inventories stand at 12.5 months(some part of the country, 24-36 months), over twice what’s considered healthy

What about Income, or Unemployment?

  • The unemployment rate is officially at 9.6%. It is a lot higher unofficially, because many unemployed Americans have been without a job for too long for the government to consider counting them.
  • Americans with jobs have seen their income fall over 4% between ’07-’09, and the % of Americans living BELOW the poverty level rose to 14.3%!
  • The gap is widening largely between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, the gap between the rich and the middle class is growing rapidly, as is the pace.(The top 20% of households now account for over 50% of all pre-tax income in the country = bye bye middle class.)

To quote the great educator/businessman/investor, Robert Kiyosaki:

“Maybe when the NBER says the recession is over, they mean it’s over for the ultra-rich. After all, many corporations are now posting better than expected earnings reports and balance sheets are getting healthier. For instance, FedEx recently announced that their earnings more than doubled. They also announced that they’re firing 1,700 people. Why? I believe it’s because they know what you already know, the recession may be “officially” over—but it’s not really over. Is the recession over for housing? Not according to the numbers. Thanks to high unemployment, new home orders are down 15 percent over last year, foreclosures are still rising, and pricing is not recovering. People are predicting that the housing inventory, which is more than double healthy levels, will take up to three years to work through. There will be no recovery until that happens.”


I wish I could post some stats to show that the market is taking a positive direction, but that would be covering up the truth with illusions. There are plenty of illusions out there to hide behind, but let’s be real..

Unemployment is still rising, and without jobs, nothing can get done. Business owners can’t provide jobs if they don’t have customers. And there aren’t any customers if there isn’t any money to spend. Sure, more money can be printed, but it will only become worth less as they print more and more, and they are..

MASSIVE government printing of US Currency. I call it currency, because it is just that-it’s not money! In 1971 President Nixon took the US off of the gold standard, meaning that the dollar was no longer attached to anything of value. It is simply a piece of paper that is backed by the good faith of the citizens of the United States.(See US dollar bill) They can print as much of this paper as they want, but the problem is, supply and demand will always work their course. Too much supply brings the equilibrium price down, and with the rate they have been running the printing presses the past few years, the market will soon be flooded with worthless pieces of green paper. –

If you study the history of currencies, since the earliest recorded times, every civilization that has had a currency not attached to something of value(ie: gold or silver), has gone to 0. That means, as more and more of the currency comes into existence, the existing currency is devalued, until the currency is no longer worth anything. Sound like pennies? Soon this will be nickels, then dimes, then quarters. Even the metal in them won’t be worth much, since they haven’t been made from silver since the late 60’s.(Weird how the government stopped using real silver and snatched it out of the money supply just a few short years prior to 1971 when our currency was removed from it’s tie to gold. Conspiracy?? 😉

In 1974, the government passed a law called ERISA. This made it so that people’s retirement was up to themselves, not the employer. It gave birth to plans like the 401k, and mutual funds, plans that were devised so that you could “invest for your retirement.” When this happened the American citizens turned to mutual funds, stocks and 401k’s for retirement plans. What they were actually doing was handing their money to wall street to play with until they retire, and expecting that wall street would automatically grow their money for them.

As we saw with the recent stock market crash, Wall Street is not looking out for the mutual funds or 401k accounts, Wall Street is looking out for their FAT KATS. What’s worse is, regardless of your opinion on the stock market, it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to see that when the largest demographic of citizens(Baby Boomers) start to retire, money will flow out of the stock market like never before. This will be a the second dip of this what I believe to be, double dip recession.

Foreclosures can’t slow down, not yet. Go to google and type in mortgage resets. You will see graphs that will show you the largest mortgage product ever sold – the 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM), and when these loans will adjust. These loans were primarily written in 2006 and 2007, right at the end of the real estate bubble, and will be resetting over the next 2 years. This will cause another HUGE drop in real estate values, as the number of foreclosures will sky higher, and at a more rapid pace than current.

Good News??

There is good news…

When markets bubble and then pop, the money doesn’t disappear, it just flows into another asset class. It moves.. The money is going somewhere, so where is it going? Well, take a look at the value of gold, or silver. Go to Google, and type in “gold spot.” Examine the value of gold as it has climbed over the past week, month, year, 5 years, or further. Then check out the same for silver. Since forever, gold and silver have always been used for exchange, hence making it the real money of the world. Until the rich figure out where they can put their money to make more money, they are holding it in the form of real money, gold and silver. It’s catching on quick, think of how many places you see driving to work and back that say, “WE BUY GOLD.” It is the next major bubble, but we’re still early to the trend. Gold just went over $1,300 an ounce today, but we will see gold hit $13,000 per ounce, and in the not too far future.

Assets are cheap. Real estate, businesses, etc. Now is a good time to gather as many assets as you can, that will reward you as the economy turns around. Buy investments for what they will provide you in cash flow, do not worry about selling for a profit. That is speculation. Whatever you grow your asset and sell it for later should be the gravy. Now is an excellent time to pickup businesses for cheap, cut out the expenses, make the systems more efficient, and get the asset as profitable as possible. Now is an amazing time to buy real estate that will cash flow for you as well.(Rental income exceeding the loan you are paying to own the property.)


The recession is not over. We are in a new economy, the old one is not coming back. We are in a shift from the industrial era to the information age. In this new economy, knowledge is money. You can print your own money just like the the Fed does. Financial IQ is the way out of the paycheck chasing. Get real, get right, and get assets! Financial knowledge, is the greatest asset you have, so acquire as much of it as you can!